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“Behind every successful man is a woman…”
Groucho Marx
Knowing this, have anyone wondered why women are always behind men? Our chairperson had wondered a long time back when she graduated with an MBA in Human resources. With around 10 years of her contribution to Shipping and Logistics, she took charge of our company in 2012. From then on, things have changed. She thought differently and diversified our shipping and logistic services company to a multi-domain company. Whenever we post an interview, we actively look for women to be part of our company as women have the unique power of bringing together everyone and can communicate with anyone effortlessly. This is the after-effect created by her.



The 13th in the line-up from the conglomerate jargon, CMR group known for its reliability and reputation over half a century is now changing the conventional game of business to instil a new economy of direct selling through the world wide web to frame a niche for almost all members of society to coexist freely making the nation self-sufficient.

People in Network Marketing
0.7%; Scope-99.3%
Expected Annual Growth rate
Men&Women Workforce
78.6% - 23.6%

CMR’s Craft

CMR group powering Vipra Global Systems, always target on two core factors when it comes to business- Diversity and Foresightedness. This makes us expand the sector knowing the needs of our clients ahead. Thus our territory has been significantly grown to compromise 12 successfully running sectors.

  • Maritime Overseas Corporation
  • Cartrans Shipping Services
  • Cargo Trans Shipping Services
  • CMR Transports
  • CMR Feeds and Bio Supplements
  • Faros Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • Optimum Freight Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • CMR Aqua Farms and Global Experts.
  • CMR Global Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • CMR Advisory.
  • CMR Infrastructures.
  • CMR Overseas Trade.
  • Vipra Global Health Sciences PVT LTD

What we look forward to?

Without vision and implementation, an organization can be of no use to the economy. With a team having both characters, we are sure to reach our goal!

Exhibit the art of healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,”. Achieving such a state cannot be done in a single day. It is a lifestyle not only depending on the diet but also on the supplements taken.

To create a realm of staying interconnected

Four decades have passed since the Network Marketing came into India. But still, India suffers unemployment crisis instead of having claims to be a self-employed developed nation. The only way to develop is this broadway where with no time, interconnects people from any part of the world.

Strengthening Ladyship

‘Woman empowerment’, in reality, does it work as said? The answer varies but what we always look is to bring more women into much more hierarchical roles along with men, realising there are more positions for a woman in a corporate world to blend along with the leading men. And the role model for our theory is the CEO herself who proved that a woman can make wonders differently than men.

Zero unemployment rate

The International Labour Organization accounts the unemployment rate in India at 3.4 %. Our experience has shown that every individual is unique with a set of own talents, so we open opportunities. Be it small, full time or part-time or of any age group, we have the chance for you to earn yourself.

Groom potentials via VG-Catalyst

Lots of people with potentials couldn’t make up to the mark. Skills are of no use if they aren’t trained properly. Realising this, we are initiating a special wing named VG-Catalyst to train people to push their talents to extremities.

Giving Back via VG-Care

Money won’t stay in one hand. It keeps on rotating which is true by the experiences. We believe that we are socially responsible to upbring members in our society making us create a wing we proudly call as VG-Care foundation. .